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Imagine buying a brand new sports car with plenty of power in the engine, stability in the chassis and killer looks. Then imagine never filling the tank.

Websites work on a similar principle, but instead of gasoline, they run on keywords and search engine optimization. Fill up your site’s tank with our customized SEO services. We will research the competition, track customer metrics and develop a one-of-kind strategy to promote your business to Google, Bing and other search engines.

SEO Principles can be built into any website type including Static Websites, Dynamic Websites, E-Commerce sites and blogs. But if you want to be listed under industry terms, the site should be built around the marketing strategy, not as an afterthought. With a better formatted site, you should see an increase in traffic from search engines, and the search terms can range from hundreds of phrases to a select few.

Where your target market resides is important as well. If you are trying to market your site to national customers, the competition can grow more fierce, and therefore a more aggressive approach is required. Local or regional customer bases usually include less competition, but you also have to content with Local Search Results. So it is necessary to think about the whole strategy before your site is optimized.

Please note that all website designs are not created equal. A nice looking site doesn’t always have search optimization built in. And most companies that promise search engine submissions don’t necessarily look into your competition or make any changes to benefit your site.

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I can not believe how well this web site has come out. This really exceeds my expectations, and you know from working with me over the past few years that I am very detailed oriented! This could not be better so Thank You.

Charlie Beadon
Hilton Head Fishing Adventures

After acquiring this company in 2006, we have increased traffic and sales at an incredible rate, even in a tough economy. My site now competes with national sites thanks to the experience of Virtual Marketing Concept’s team of internet marketing experts.

Jarret Magbee
Family Home Plans

Website Portfolio

Camelot Farms Horse Stables