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Internet Marketing

Why worry about a website? Well, research shows that the internet is more widely used than ever before. More customers are online, and those customers are using the internet to find products and services that they are interested in. So it should be evident that if you want more customers to see your products, you need to be visible online.

But how does a website become visible online? – Through Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is usually broken up into two main categories: Organic and Paid. This is similar to more conventional marketing being broken up into Public Relations (PR) and Advertisements. The main difference is that Organic results are not simply PR pieces that you send out, but more so the result of a search engine or other site adding a link to your site. The two types of internet marketing have similarities and differences, pros and cons.

Organic Internet Marketing

When a website is rich in content, search engines are able to “spider” the site and determine what the site is about. Then the site is rated and ranked with other similar sites and displayed in a particular order when a customer searches for that topic. Although good marketing in the form of SEO does cost money to set up initially, the traffic is then free, and the search engine will not charge you when your link is clicked on. There are many different ways to attract more links and therefore more traffic from organic marketing, but an experienced firm like Virtual Marketing Concepts will know which strategy will get the best results. Please note that in organic marketing, there are no guarantees as to how many visitors your site will get or as to whether they will become your customers. Also, organic marketing usually takes longer to produce significant results, but is very cost effective in the long run.

Paid Internet Marketing

For immediate and almost guaranteed results, you may want to consider paid online advertising through a service such as Google Adwords. Programs like this give you different payment options and allow you to set a budget for your ads. Some different campaigns could include a Pay Per Click (PPC) program where you pay a certain amount every time a visitor clicks on the advertisement, a Pay Per Mil (PPM) program where you pay a certain amount for every thousand page impressions (every time the ad is displayed to a customer), or a more traditional plan where you pay for a banner for a month or year at a time. Though traffic can be guaranteed, there is never any guarantee that the customer will purchase your product.  You may consider setting up an affiliate program which means that you pay the publisher of your link only when the customer completes a sale from your site.

Virtual Marketing Concepts has been successful locally, regionally and nationally in internet marketing endeavors and would love to work with you on your web marketing program. Please click on one of the topics below or contact us to set up a consultation to discuss the set up and management of a successful internet marketing package.

Different elements of internet marketing include:

Search Engine Optimizaion (SEO)

Local Area Search

Social Networking Packages

Full Service Marketing Solutions

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I can not believe how well this web site has come out. This really exceeds my expectations, and you know from working with me over the past few years that I am very detailed oriented! This could not be better so Thank You.

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After acquiring this company in 2006, we have increased traffic and sales at an incredible rate, even in a tough economy. My site now competes with national sites thanks to the experience of Virtual Marketing Concept’s team of internet marketing experts.

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