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If a picture is worth 1000 words, how many words does a video convey? A fresh, interesting video or videos describing your product or services can quickly grab your website visitors’ attention and lead to a sale. Although written content is important for helping your customers determine whether your goods or services are worthwhile, many of your visitors may become bored with reading content and move to another site that is more engaging.

Similar to advertising on the television, an internet video will allow your customers to get a first hand look at your business. But online video advertisements tend to be more popular than television commercials for a very important reason. A moving picture with sound engages more senses than a written advertisement or even a photo ad. Can you imagine picking up a newspaper and seeing a video playing next to the article you are reading? That video is going to instantly grab your attention at least until you can make up your mind about the content of the ad. Such is the benefit of hosting a video for your business on your website.

Virtual Marketing Concepts is able to provide web ready videos through our video production team in Beaufort SC. Our videographers are capable and artistic and will help you refine your message and show the best sides of your business. In addition to video production for your website, our team can produce video for your events and other media outlets. Interested in corporate video production? We are also capable of producing videos for internal purposes as well.

Another valuable advantage of creating a video for your website is the ability to add it to online video search engines. These engines can promote your video to their users which will put your products in front of many users that may not have found your site on a standard search engine. Videos are frequently shared between friends online which could mean that your ad will “go viral,” or move quickly from one customer to the next.

If you are interested in our video production company’s services or in optimizing your company video(s) for search engines, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. Travel is possible in certain situations if you require filming outside of the Beaufort SC, Hilton Head SC, Charleston SC, or ┬áthe Savannah GA area.

We are currently offering a 20% discount on YouTube Optimization when you purchase an internet ready video for your business.

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I can not believe how well this web site has come out. This really exceeds my expectations, and you know from working with me over the past few years that I am very detailed oriented! This could not be better so Thank You.

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After acquiring this company in 2006, we have increased traffic and sales at an incredible rate, even in a tough economy. My site now competes with national sites thanks to the experience of Virtual Marketing Concept’s team of internet marketing experts.

Jarret Magbee
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