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Fiber Rich Plus (FiberRich+) Bran Crispbread

Fiber Rich Bran Crispbread

FiberRich+ is a High Fiber, Low Carb Crispbread imported from Norway. Virtual Marketing Concepts collaborated with Mark Barrett of Taylor Design on this fresh design of a brand new product. This product is made by the same company that makes the popular Fiber Rich crispbread products but the difference is in the formula. Each FiberRich+ bran crispbread has added fiber and is more tasty than other high fiber crackers that are available.

The website design features “hand made” elements that hopefully convey that this product is all natural. The accompanying ecommerce site borrows from the design of the main template with emphasis on the individual products.

View the main website: Fiber Rich Bran Crispbread
View the order page: Order Fiber Rich Plus Crackers

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I can not believe how well this web site has come out. This really exceeds my expectations, and you know from working with me over the past few years that I am very detailed oriented! This could not be better so Thank You.

Charlie Beadon
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After acquiring this company in 2006, we have increased traffic and sales at an incredible rate, even in a tough economy. My site now competes with national sites thanks to the experience of Virtual Marketing Concept’s team of internet marketing experts.

Jarret Magbee
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